Top 20 Real Estate Blogs: Part Two

NuWire created a list of the top 20 real estate blogs in order to help investors determine which blogs are most worthwhile. Last week, we published the first …

NuWire created a list of the top 20 real estate blogs in order to help investors determine which blogs are most worthwhile. Last week, we published the first 10 entries of our alphabetical list of the Top 20 Real Estate Blogs. The criteria used to determine the list were:

  • Unique, timely and relevant content
  • Credible material from credible sources
  • Engaging to read
  • Regular updates

Here are the final 10 best real estate blogs, in alphabetical order:

International Herald Tribune

The IHT blog features myriad options when it comes to news sources. A favorite is their real estate section, which features news about developments, property sales, rentals and trends steering emerging markets into the picture for real estate investors worldwide. With writers spanning the globe, this blog is a useful read for investors interested in hearing breaking news about real estate all over the world.


The Nubricks blog is dedicated entirely to overseas property investment, new development and international real estate news. It’s one of the more useful blogs on which to find unbiased expert advice on investing overseas. Nubricks is an important read for investors interested in learning more about emerging international markets, presale developments and overseas investment strategies. A tip: The “hot new investment tips” tab often offers investors deals on partnering new presale opportunities.

Overseas Property Mall

The Overseas Property Mall covers international real estate news and the economic factors influencing the world’s markets. They began their services in 2005 as a site that featured articles on the global real estate market and insight on international investments. Today they continue to be an interesting read for investors, as they have enhanced their features and archives with press releases, videos and interviews pertaining to international real estate development.

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Real Estate Tomato

Author Jim Cronin spent part of his career as an Internet marketing consultant prior to starting the Real Estate Tomato. What has come of the marriage between his experience in Web marketing and his knowledge of real estate and business development is a well-informed blog about e-marketing. This blog is a great read for any service provider looking to stay up to date on how to use SEO, lead generation, syndication and the right kind of content to make their blog shine as a tool in their own marketing efforts.

Realty Thoughts

The writers of Realty Thoughts are real estate technology providers who create Web applications for service providers and the general public. While this blog discusses the technology that influences the real estate market and the people involved in it, it also serves as a tool for service providers to help build their businesses. Realty Thoughts is a critical read for anyone looking to stay up to date on the technology influencing valuation systems and how service providers and investors use them.

REI Blog

The REI Blog, launched in 2005, originally featured interviews of successful real estate investors. Among other posts, the writers interviewed investors with unique success stories each week. While the writers of the site still interview investors, this blog now serves primarily as a news source for investors. It covers trends in financing as well as different investment strategies and is useful for beginning investors.


Sellsius is first and foremost and interesting blog to read. It covers every corner of the real estate market, from financing to trends, technology to marketing. Written and published by Joseph Ferrara, Sellsius also welcomes contributors and will publish most posts that fall into the realm of real estate news, tips and “how to”s, claiming to especially love rants. Readers undoubtedly will find the delivery of news, tips and information in a humorous light most entertaining.


Written by Jonathan Miller, the Soapbox blog is a forum to discuss and promote accountability within the business of real estate appraisal. While Soapbox is a blog dedicated to the appraisal industry, it is a useful read for agents and investors interested in staying current on the economic and market trends influencing home values.

Urban Digs

While Urban Digs founder and publisher Noah Rosenblatt produces articles mostly relative to real estate in Manhattan, he also features articles relevant to the economic issues influencing the real estate market worldwide. As he put it, “The single mission of the site is to discuss macro economic trends and interpret them into successful investment strategies for Manhattan real estate.” Urban Digs is a great example of a site that successfully combines knowledge from contributors specialized in development, sales and finance to produce a blog worth reading from anywhere in the world.

Zillow Blog

Like the Trulia and Redfin blogs, Zillow is generated by employees of the company. Arguably the strongest of the three, this is a good read for people who are curious about not only the development of the company, but are also interested in articles about the things that affect consumers in today’s real estate market. The writers of this blog ensure that their posts are well thought through, making it considerably more engaging to read than the average business blog.


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