New Beachfront Development Set To Kickstart Struggling Tunisia Real Estate Market

A 5-star desert resort slated for the lush, celebrity mecca of Tozeur is good news for the struggling Tunisian real estate market. Architectural elements in the sprawling Qatari …

A 5-star desert resort slated for the lush, celebrity mecca of Tozeur is good news for the struggling Tunisian real estate market. Architectural elements in the sprawling Qatari Diar development of posh suites and luxury amenities will reflect the region’s rich history. See the following article from Property Wire for more on this.

The real estate industry in Tunisia which slowed down during the global economic downturn has received a boost with the unveiling of plans for a luxury desert property project.

Middle East Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company has announced an agreement of co operation with the Tunisian government to develop a five star desert resort in the Tozeur governorate.

The project, Qatari Diar’s first in Tunisia, is part of a long term plan to ‘pursue additional opportunities for co-operation in the Middle East and North Africa region,’ said chief executive officer Mohamed bin Ali al-Hedfa.

‘Our objective at Qatari Diar is to build unique touristic real estate projects. This five star desert resort in Tunisia will become a modern real estate location attracting tourists from the region and around the world, revitalize desert tourism in Tunisia and support the domestic economic development plan,’ he explained.

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He added that Tunisia is an ideal location for Qatari Diar’s desert resort project as it is considered to be one of the most beautiful Arab countries and rich with tourist destinations.

‘Tunisia attracts more than seven million tourists who visit the country to discover its historical archaeological sites and stunning nature destinations,’ he said.

The project will extend over an area of 40 hectares in the state of Tozeur, one of Tunisia’s 24 governorates. Located in the south of the country, Tozeur is one of the world’s most beautiful oases, watered by 200 natural springs and harboring an extensive forest of more than a million palm trees.

The Romans described Tozeur as the ‘city of dreams’ and described it as being at the heart of the desert. It is currently a favorite celebrity destination where famous movie directors, foreign and Arab artists, journalists, politicians and other prominent personalities can be found in its cafes, restaurants and markets throughout the year.

The resort will include 60 luxury suites, health and spa facilities, a tennis court, several restaurants and commercial stores, conference facilities, an amphitheatre, and an Arab style tent.

‘Recognizing the ancient history of Tozeur, we have incorporated and highlighted ancient Tunisian architectural style in a modern eastern model. Such harmony will be reflected throughout the different stages of development through co-operation with number of local and international companies,’ al-Hedfa added.

Qatari Diar’s real estate investments have focused on the African continent through the company’s many projects across different African countries including Sudan, Egypt, Morocco, Libya, Eritrea, and now Tunisia.

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