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Law is the base on which foundation of every country is based. The law is basically made to control not only crimes, but the injustices going on in …

Law is the base on which foundation of every country is based. The law is basically made to control not only crimes, but the injustices going on in the society. If the law and justice system of any country is out of order, that is, it is no longer in use; its progress is directly influenced by it. This is the main reason why western countries are progressing more than the eastern. Most of the people won’t agree to it, but it is true. Suppose you are working in a firm and your boss is taking much more work from you. You are bound to do it as it might affect your evaluation report. After a year, your colleague gets the promotion because he is a relative of your boss. That moment will be of huge disappointment to you. You will definitely lose your interest in your job. You don’t want to go to work anymore. This happens when there is no law in your country. Or that law is useless because no one is acting upon it.

If the law of a country is strong and working without under the influence of political figures then the crime rate will be zero in that country. Let’s take the example of Saudi Arabia. There are strict and unforgivable punishments for different crimes. The law of that country is so strict that no one can escape it. The crime rate in that country compared to other eastern countries is very low. People know that they have to lose their hand if they steal anything. Sometimes we human need a push.

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The law is not only made for the criminals. We cannot just label people who are stealing things or murdering others as criminals. There are people who are doing other crimes, but are hidden. These hidden criminals may be the person who beats his wife or children. Yes, they are also classified as criminals as they are humiliating humanity. Fortunately, there’s an international law which protect these victims – Family Law. There’s Family law Parramatta, Sydney, Melbourne in Australia, cities like New York, London, and other parts of the world. This law is very beneficial to maintain peace. Now a woman can get a divorce easily if she is not happy with her husband. In case of divorces and separation, people consult different lawyers and attorneys. They can get their issues resolved easily. There are different terms and conditions on which lawyers help their clients to agree upon. They can mould it according to their own terms too.

Thus laws are very beneficial to maintain peace and safety in the society. It is due to the law and order that we are living peacefully in this world. Otherwise, there will be chaos and destruction all over the world. If you want to progress and compete with other countries, you have to make your justice system strong. Countries in which justice system is strong, those countries are progressing and are economically strong.

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