Commercial Loan Foreclosures in 2010 to 2013, Exploit Them, Invest With CA Student Housing Firm

Commercial Distressed Sale Tidal Wave How You Can Passively Capitalize on This Once in a Lifetime Apartment Buying Opportunity Through Student Housing with Dwell Trends Advisors, LLC. Dwell …

Commercial Distressed Sale Tidal Wave

How You Can Passively Capitalize on This Once in a Lifetime Apartment Buying Opportunity Through Student Housing with Dwell Trends Advisors, LLC.

Dwell Trends metro student housing is poised to acquire “cents on the dollar” deals stemming from the projected flood of bank foreclosures resulting from “no go commercial loan refi’s”. Due to low loan to value ratios (LTVs), banks will not permit the refinancing of millions of commercial property loans. Nearly 70% of all commercial loans are facing mandatory balloon payments over the next 3 years. Millions of loans will not get refinanced, instead they will go into foreclosure. Many of these properties will be fully performing cash flow properties. These deals are only just beginning to show up in Southern California. Aside from “no go refi’s”, we have a statewide team of real estate professionals whom are searching daily to identify bargain properties from these sources and more: FDIC direct auctions, FDIC bank takeover portfolio bid pool winners, Bank REO commercial departments, HUD commercial  auction, Court receiverships, Trustee sales, Commercial appraisers, Broker pocket listings, Distressed IROs,  and so on.

Our comprehensive research is beginning to develop a opportunity sweet spot pattern for bargain acquisitions in the marketplace. The price points where we are seeing the most deals that meet our criteria is in the $1m to $5m range, occasionally up to $8 mil.  The reason why we are beginning to see a good selection of criteria properties is that our ideal price strata is either too small of a property or too low priced for most distressed opportunity funds to be interested in them.  And this property grouping is too high priced for independent rental owners (IROs) due to conventional loan down payments being up to 40%.  IROs and syndicates that can afford these deals are typically 1031 exchanges and the like. To our advantage, they cannot move quickly to secure an opportunity property in this area of market inefficiency.

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Dwell Trends, LLC, a student housing expansion company, is dedicated to the repositioning and establishment of desirable boutique furnished student housing communities to serve schools and two-year colleges in the metro areas of San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.  Our acquisition  properties are located according to strict criteriaincluding proximity to public transportation, employment centers and school clusters, as students will pay a premium to live near campus. The Company’s team of expertscarefully manage project risks. Our business model has demonstrated that not only will it succeed during rising tides but is profitable during real estate, to obtain downturns. For Complete Company, Market and Investor Information Visit: Note: Be Sure to Request Log In info using the Contact Form Provided on the Home Page  

For investors seeking….

  • Recession resistant investment
  • Cash flow from distributions; Student housing achieves higher than average market rents.
  • Diversification; Invest in a portfolio of prime located residential real estate, focusing on properties that produce rental income.
  • Preservation of capital; Maximize long-term value by generating sustainable growth in cash flow and portfolio value.
  • Potential tax advantages; Ranging from depreciation to deferred or preferred tax treatment and more.




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