Using Leaflets In Order To Promote Your Business

 Leaflets are currently really popular among companies of basically all sizes in order to promote services and products, reaching the customer directly. In most cases the companies use …

 Leaflets are currently really popular among companies of basically all sizes in order to promote services and products, reaching the customer directly. In most cases the companies use folded leaflets and are equal to or lower than A4. There is usually a marketing message that is printed on both sizes, with a design that is to be retained for an eventual future reference. Basically, the leaflets are used to offer more than just one promotion sheet while being smaller than the regular corporate brochure.

For all businesses, the successful leaflet campaign is the one with good response rates. When used properly, folded leaflets are to be quite appealing for customers and will encourage them to buy, visit or ask for more details. The really high quality ones will even be handed to friends and family members.

The only problem is that messages, design, quality and text will influence the number of people that respond. The professional result automatically means that you work with a design agency that is experienced and that is specialized in printing and leaflet design. If you manage to find one that has a marketing focus, the results will actually be a lot better and the best return on the investment made will be possible.


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In order to help businesses achieve the best results, various leaflet types are currently available. The standard layouts are A4 2 fold, A4 single fold and DL. Additionally, unusual shapes are available and can appeal to those firms that go for a contemporary marketing campaign. The graphic design and print agency like OvernightPrints can easily help choose a proper leaflet size so that marketing messages can be effectively presented.

A DL leaflet is the size of a regular envelope and is usually suitable for an exhibition leaflet holder. A4 single folded offers an A4 sheet size with an A5 message platform. That is great when you have much information to highlight. An A4 2 folded gives you access to 6 smaller panels, suitable for images and text. They are best for presenting a wider range of products or services.

What Should You Include In A Leaflet?

This varies based on what you want to promote and what type of leaflet you will use. In the event that you want to market a business that is based on services, the main ones should be depicted. At the same time, adding an overview of the firm is a really good idea. You can also engage the reader by clearly highlighting benefits associated with working with the firm that is promoted.

The leaflet that is product based should include details about the various products that are offered. Alternatively, a general presentation of product areas is effective. All is basically based on how many products would be promoted. No matter the case, high quality images of the promoted products are necessary.

Every single leaflet should also have a good call to action and adequate contact information. That is needed on basically all marketing materials that you may use for any leaflet based campaign. 


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