Victoria City Project: Morocco’s New Hope

Since 2014, a great deal of construction has been going on in the suburbs of Casablanca, located in Morocco, Africa. This brand new, ultra-modern city which is set …

Casablanca Morocco

Since 2014, a great deal of construction has been going on in the suburbs of Casablanca, located in Morocco, Africa. This brand new, ultra-modern city which is set to finish in June of 2018, although it has been open for business since 2016, is lovingly named Victoria. With this brand new city looming just over the horizon, what exactly does it bring to the table that can help Morocco develop and truly evolve with the times?

Building not just for residents, but also for commercial industry

Like most new cities being built in the world today, a lot of revenue will be earned through the commercial sector. This means that the real estate developers, the rich entrepreneurs, as well as all of the different commercial brands, work together to help keep these modern cities afloat. Taking from their example, Victoria City aims to be just as effective for its residents as it is a thriving commercial sector. Keeping business alive is just as important as anything else, because it’s the lifeblood of modern cities. Victoria City aims to be the most successful commercial sector in Morocco, and it has all the makings of a success.

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The importance of harmony

Aside from a healthy business model, it’s also essential that the residents of Victoria City are taken care of. This means their children being able to attend the many schools being developed, as well as partake in city activities and events. The goal is to bring diversity through the different social classes – living in complete harmony in a self-sustaining city. While some might consider this to be a pipedream, that certainly isn’t the case, as Victoria City is practically sprinting to its estimated completion date.

A peaceful and lucrative city

It is the goal of just about any and every city out there to be the ideal place to live in as well as to visit. It’s no secret that Casablanca as well as Morocco as a whole has been having difficulty with its tourism; the fact that Casablanca itself is sparsely populated doesn’t help matters. WIth the creation of Victoria City, individuals like Mazen Al Sawwaf, one of the businessmen behind the Victoria City project, hope to bring commerce back to Morocco.

There’s no denying the fact that Morocco has become somewhat stale with the times. It is high time that it received a true boom in its economy, and the Victoria City project intends to succeed with flying colors. Built with the very best intentions in mind for Morocco, Victoria is quickly shaping up to be one of the most important projects ever undertaken in Casablanca. The future is looking increasingly bright for everyone who will get to experience the city first-hand.


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