What Is A Portable Noise Screen And How Do They Work?

You may be working in a construction site and you don’t want to constitute a nuisance to the whole neighbourhood with your noise. Or you may be carrying …

You may be working in a construction site and you don’t want to constitute a nuisance to the whole neighbourhood with your noise. Or you may be carrying out some sort of retrofitting or major renovation in your home and you sure will definitely make some noise. And you won’t want your neighbours calling the cops for you because of your noise. This is where a portable noise screen and several other noise reduction devices become very useful.

Portable Noise Screen

Even while camping, the portable noise screen could be of use too. You will definitely need a generator and you may not want to place it so far away. You just need to surround it with a noise screen and you won’t be disturbed with the noise. You may not even know that your generator is working.

Instead of making a permanent enclosure, it is cheaper and better to make use of this noise screen. You can assemble it whenever you need it and when you are through, you fold it back. Even in construction sites, these noise screens can be used to separate workers from noise sources.

It is quite cheap and it has high noise absorption properties. It is very permeable, allowing noise waves to pass through it instead of deflecting them off. Some other noise materials will absorb noise waves through one side and reflect them through the other. But the noise screen also has high retention capacity for noise wave. It will definitely absorb and retain the noise wave. This is why it is one of the best devices for noise reduction.

The screen can be assembled and erected easily. In fact, you can set it up in a matter of minutes. It is not only for construction site. It can be used at home and it can also be used as office dividers in official environment.

You can worry less about health issues as it is made of materials that are not hazardous to the health. Secondly, this material will never degrade with time. Apart from simplicity, another quality worthy of mention is durability. The portable noise screen is quite durable.

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The barrier can either be used as an enclosure for a noisy tool or machinery and it can also be used to separate noisy area from the quiet one. For a construction site that may have several machines working at different parts of the site, you could make use of this portable noise screen by erecting one for each of the machines.

Below are the main features of portable noise screen. In other words, it is the portable noise screen at a glance.

It comes in standard 4” X 8” screens

Its snap-together frame coupled with movable feet gives room for unlimited standing positions

For durability and to prevent rusting, its frame is powder coated with a very tough black enamel coating

Its noise absorbing curtains are firmly attached to the frame and cannot be ripped apart easily

This screen provides standard acoustic output

The product has been given an ASTME84 Class I fire rating

It can be assembled in a matter of minutes without any driving or screwing tools

It can be folded to save enough space for storage

Its light weight makes for ease of transportation

It offers swivel casters for maximum portability but that is optional

Apart from this portable noise screen, there are several affordable noise reduction products with high noise absorbing properties and they are also as effective as the portable noise screen.

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