When the project is strong but the capital is limited; where do you turn?

Option 1: We provide capital for JV investments in quick turn financial instruments, trading programs and commodity transactions with an exit buyer in place.  We use our own …

Option 1:

We provide capital for JV investments in quick turn financial instruments, trading programs and commodity transactions with an exit buyer in place.  We use our own funds and have cash accounts at the major banks in Europe (DB, Credit Suisse, UBS, ABN Amro) and HSBC and a couple of private banks in Hong Kong.  Since we have our own readily available funds we can move very quickly if necessary and have a long and successful track record.
We structure all of our transactions as JV Partnerships where we provide the capital and you (our partner) provide the transaction.  We will guarantee our funds and validity and look for you to do the same with the transaction.  We split profits 50/50.
We require that you place 3% of the amount requested (1.75% if $500MM US or greater) into escrow.  You and your attorney will have control of the escrow and ample time to review all documents and complete your due diligence on us and our funds.  Once and ONLY when you are completely satisfied with us as your financial partner are the funds released to us, simultaneously with the execution of our JV Agreement and commencement of the transaction.  If you are not completely satisfied with us you simply pull your funds from escrow.
Upon first profitability of the transaction the escrow deposit is refunded to you and we split profits 50/50 and look ahead to another transaction together.
Option 2


1. Lender will fund 100% of the acquisition cost of the subject property

Loan amounts from $1M to $10M

2. Lender will fund 100% of renovation or rehab work to the subject property

3. Lender will roll into loan 12 months loan payments

4. On case by case basis, Lender will roll into loan due diligence fees

5. Lender charges 12% interest only on outstanding loan

Claim up to $26,000 per W2 Employee

  • Billions of dollars in funding available
  • Funds are available to U.S. Businesses NOW
  • This is not a loan. These tax credits do not need to be repaid
The ERC Program is currently open, but has been amended in the past. We recommend you claim yours before anything changes.

6. Lender decides how much profit it will charge borrower
(i.e. Purchase is $1M, FMV is $3.5M, Lender charges $500k profit)

7. Lender rolls profit into loan amount
(i.e. $1M for purchase + $500k profit = $1.5M loan amount)
($1.5M + 180k payments + due diligence = Loan Total)

8. Lender charges 0 points /1 to 3 broker points

9. Loan term is 12 – 18 months

10. No pre payment penalty

11. Upon paying off loan, borrower keeps whatever profit remains

12. The project and exit strategy are weighted more heavily in underwriting then Borrowers assets or credit.

13. This is a non-recourse loan unless the borrower files bankruptcy or the like.
If the project doesn’t work, the borrower gives the lender a deed in lieu of
foreclosure and walks away.
14. No upfront fees


Option 3

New Construction High leverage JV- Equity and Debt Financing

  • Debt (75% LTV) & Equity (100%)
  • Purchase & Lease backs
Type of projects we like: Design and Construction of High-Performance Buildings – Sustainable Design (“green buildings”). High performance and high technology buildings for healthcare, call centers, office buildings, information technology buildings and educational facilities
·         Assistant living facilities
·         Medical facilities
·         Nursing Homes
·         Low incoming commercial housing
·         Educational housing
·         office buildings
·         Large Project Financing
·         Green Projects (100% debt and/or equity)
We prefer:
ü Borrowers own the land/”skin in the game
ü Presale/Lease
ü NNN Leasing
ü Experienced borrowers
ü Production ready
ü Short term stabilization period
Investor to hold up to 51% equity position
Guaranteed completion date on construction loans by lender

James J Bullock

JDB Financial, LLC
Commercial Private/Hard Money
Joint Ventures
Bank Instruments/Notes/POFs
678 383 8438 Direct
248 579 0053 Fax
Conf: 712 432 0080 Pin: 614338#
Skype: jdbfin

“For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.”
Stuart Chase

Mark 11:23

JDB Financial LLC has contacts for Commercial Hard/Private Money: Long & Short Term Commercial HM Loans, Bridge Loans, national & International, New Construction, Green, large Project Development, Asset Loans, Alternative Financing, Purchase & Rehab, Equity & Debt ~ Commodities: Instrument JVs, D2, JP54, Octane, ULSD, Mazut,, Sugar ~ Bank Instruments: BG’s, SBLOC, MTNs, LTNs, Bonds, Monetizing, POFs (lease/Purchase) ~ james@jdbfianacialllc.com




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