Why Nicholas Kyriacopoulos Thinks Investing in NASDAQ Index is a Smart Move

Investing is one of the most practical ways to build wealth and a strong financial future. One of the methods that you can include in your investment strategy …

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Investing is one of the most practical ways to build wealth and a strong financial future. One of the methods that you can include in your investment strategy is to take a look at holdings that are traded on the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations market. Known as NASDAQ, it’s a smart move to consider this approach. Here are some of the reasons why Nicholas Kyriacopoulos and other savvy investors invest part of their time and effort in NASDAQ.

One of the Best Large-Cap Growth Indexes

If large cap growth stocks are one of the elements you want to include in your portfolio, then taking a look at the NASDAQ-100 index is a must. It ranks as one of the world’s most prominent large-cap growth indexes. As investors like Nicholas Kyriacopoulos will point out, a diverse portfolio has a better chance of performing well in any economic climate, and including large-cap growth stocks is a smart idea.

What is a large-cap growth stock? It’s one that is typically valued at more than $10 billion in the marketplace, has a lower level of risk, lots of coverage by analysts, and tends to provide a steady although somewhat modest dividend stream. You can use a strategy like Nicholas Kyriacopoulos employs by investing some in these types of stocks for the long term while also trading holdings with more volatility and a chance for short-term gains before you sell them.

A Reputation for Offering Holdings Aimed at Technology and Innovation

While you will find technology companies trading on a number of exchanges, NASDAQ has a reputation for being home to a number of innovative businesses that focus on improving existing technology as well as inventing new technology. Given the fact that technology is such an integral element in most aspects of modern living, it’s no wonder investors like Nicholas Kyriacopoulos check this index to see what’s happening.

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One of the things you’ll notice is there’s a lot of technology companies found here. In fact, it may seem as if there are more here than many of the other exchanges. While it’s somewhat debatable in terms of the numbers of companies, there’s no escaping the fact that investors like Nicholas Kyriacopoulos do tend to associated NASDAQ with technology investment opportunities.

Balance in Terms of Market Sectors

While Nicholas Kyriacopoulos would be among the first to point out how many technology investments are found here, he would also note the wide range of other opportunities to consider. You will find all sorts of investments related to consumer goods, retail companies, healthcare, and other options with ease. Many of them come with low volatility and have already provided steady dividends for decades.

You already know from following Nicholas Kyriacopoulos that diversity in a portfolio is important. The same is true in terms of performance. The options you find on NASDAQ will be worth investigating and may turn out to be just what you need to flesh out your portfolio a little more.

Investments That are Ideal for Long-Term Retirement Planning

You have short-term goals for your investments, but what about the long-range plan? Many people, including Nicholas Kyriacopoulos, invest in part as a way to ensure financial security during the retirement years. If that’s part of your end game, NASDAQ is worth your attention.

It’s not just the large-cap growth stocks and their steady dividends that play into this long-range planning. It’s also the potential for getting in early on technology and other stocks that will prove to be powerhouses in the future. By studying the market and the potential of those newer stocks, you might tap into something that you can hold for the long term and generate a lot of income. If you’re like Nicholas Kyriacopoulos, getting in early on a good things provides a lot of satisfaction.

If you’ve never taken a good look at what NASDAQ has to offer, now is the time to change that. Spend some time comparing this exchange to options like the NYSE and others around the world. Consider how it could make a difference in your investment planning and the amount of financial security that you will enjoy in the years to come. After taking a look at the NASDAQ-100 index, making the choice that’s right for you will be easy.


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