Why Outsourced Call Centers Save Your Business Money

Call centers, or as they are more frequently becoming known, ‘contact centers’ are essential to most businesses with strong customer bases. The idea of being able to get …

Call centers, or as they are more frequently becoming known, ‘contact centers’ are essential to most businesses with strong customer bases. The idea of being able to get in touch with a real human being and talk to them if there is a problem with your service is something that has remained appealing to clients even in the age of web chats and tweeting to companies to solve problems. Going without phone based customer care is a risk your business may not be able to afford if you are competing in a market where other companies are offering it. If, then, it is an assumption that you want to have a call center, how can you do it in the most cost effective way?

Why In House Call Centers Can Be Problematic for Businesses

One of the most obvious solutions when you need to give your customers support options over the phone is to hire people to do it in house. This, however, can cause a lot of problems for your enterprise and can also be the least cost effective choice. The staff for your call center need to be extremely knowledgeable about all of your products and things like your billing processes to be effective, however because contact center work is not that well paid, you can expect a reasonably high staff turnover. This means you can expect to spend a lot of money on training just to be able to provide customers with the service they want and deserve.

Issues with Managing a Call Center

Another problem with having an in house call center team is that you have to manage them and monitor the standard of service they are providing. Your values in these terms will vary according to the nature of your business. A company with a high volume of calls, such as an energy company or phone service provider, may value how quickly their call center operators can deal with an issue. A software company may value most whether things are properly logged and the resolutions meet their service level agreements. A smaller organization that sells products will most likely value customer satisfaction above all of these things and want their customer service people to go the extra mile to make callers smile. Companies very concerned with brand identity may want their call center operatives to use specific words or phrases when speaking to clients. All of these things make sense to different businesses, but all of them require training and management to ensure every call is handled in the way you want.

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Outsourcing your call center removes essentially all of these problems. You can set up what you require with your chosen company and they will do the rest – all of the training, recruitment and management are no longer a drain on your time and money. For many firms, this is a far more effective way to offer the customer service they want to give.

If you need to provide phone based customer service, an outsourced call center such as Ameridial really can be the most effective and cheap way to do it to the standard you want.


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