Why You Should Manage Your WorkFlow with Comindware Workflow Creator

As a business manager or managing multiple employees can be little bit challenging because you will have to continuously monitor your entire working flow and process. Sometimes you …

As a business manager or managing multiple employees can be little bit challenging because you will have to continuously monitor your entire working flow and process. Sometimes you need to stop some task and sometimes you will need to multiply the same task if they are result oriented. But this can be only possible, if we monitor task using any software or workflow editor that will help us to manage everything at one place. Interesting thing about workflow editor is that, you can easily access it from anywhere, anytime you want to use your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone – your choice.


Comindware Tracker provides you visual Workflow Builder that will help you to create and manage required business process and almost all necessary data, information and forms to work with. It’s drag and drop feature help you to create and connect those information with data, forms and workflow steps logic, and the workflow is ready to be used immediately.

Visual Web-based Workflow Editor – Main feature of this workflow editor is that, you can easily configure workflow based on your requirement without coding or any additional skills.

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Data and Web Forms Designer – Working with data and web forms included in workflow will include almost all complex sets of data linked by references and also web forms that can be easily configured by business users without IT coding and in a web-based interface.

Workflow Maker Business Rules – This option helps you to specify, add or modify any Business rules. This option allows you to easily check and enforce company business rules with your company’s policy.

Advanced Security Settings – Security is an essential part of any business and this part is also covered very well by Comindware. Comindware advanced security helps you by creating any roles and responsibility and also data access right within workflow for each level. So you can create and access data permission for specific data for specific category users and employees for privacy and security reason of your business.

Custom e-mails – Everyone loves to get notified when some task assigned to any employees finished and they report them about the work done. With this Custom e-mails feature, it is easy to get notified or notify any users for specific event. E.g. You can create email reminder for any employees about your task’s due date is today or get notification upon completion of that task.

Main advantage of workflow is that, it’s cloud based system so anyone can access it from anywhere using smartphones, tablets or computers. I

It also helps you to create groups and rooms for specific level employees along with access permission. You can control everything on real-time using visual analytics. 

Advantage of using Workflow Systems

  •   Helps you to manage your work and systemize your task
  •   Increase productivity of your business
  •   Pre-built apps for quick starting
  •   Real-time visibility and control
  •   Cloud based system – can be accessed from anywhere anytime

Comindware Workflow creator gives you 30 days trial period which you can use to test and make decision. Make sure, you will need to signup using you@yourdomain.com email address, since it doesn’t offer signup using gmail or yahoo like mail address. It is professionally designed for business oriented peoples and you should give a try to that.

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