How to Nurture Real Estate Leads with Content Marketing

One of the most difficult aspects of the real estate business is converting your leads into actual sales. Real estate involves long sales cycles combined with a complex …

One of the most difficult aspects of the real estate business is converting your leads into actual sales. Real estate involves long sales cycles combined with a complex decision making process, which can lead to a hot lead simply falling out of your sales funnel.

When it comes to turning real estate marketing leads into sales, the answer lies in lead nurturing. You need to provide your leads with valuable information that will guide them through the entire sales funnel. Research has proven that consumers are more trusting of brands that provide them with information throughout the entire sales cycle.


Traffic, Lead Generation, and Lead Nurturing for Realtors

When creating an online marketing campaign there are three things that will lead to your success. First, realtors will need to generate traffic to their websites. Traffic generation involves getting people to your website. This can be done through search engine optimization, advertising, referrals, word of mouth, social media, etc.

Lead generation focuses on converting the traffic to your site into more leads through calls to action.

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Lead nurturing offers a system that continues the conversation with the lead, from the first contact through the time the lead is ready to become your client. Providing the prospect with information that is useful and keeping your name in their mind will provide a better chance of converting the lead in the future.


Content Marketing for Realtors

When it comes to real estate marketing leads, one strategy that should be implemented is content marketing. Given the number of topics and information that is available to realtors, there is no reason that real estate professionals should not be providing their potential clients with valuable content.

Content marketing for realtors comes with several rules. The first rule is to know your consumer buying cycle. Customers go through a buying cycle when they plan to purchase a product or service. First, the customer will just be thinking about buying a home. This is when they are simply dreaming about the possibilities. They may come to your website looking for information about the different options that are available to them.

During the next phase, the client may contact you. It is during this phase that they are getting more serious about purchasing a home. This phase can lead to the shopping phase, where the potential client begins actually looking at the homes that are available. Once a client has found their perfect home, they will enter the negotiation phase. This is when the client is willing to make an offer on the home. The final stage is the transaction phase where the deal is closed.

As a realtor, it is important to determine which phase of the home buying process the client is in when they are visiting your website. There should be a clear map to the content of each category of the buying cycle. Potential customers will reveal where they are in the purchasing cycle by the content that they respond to. The real estate marketing leads can then be introduced to content that is relevant to them at that particular point.


Writing Relevant Content for Realtors

When it comes to content marketing for realtors it is important to provide information that is relevant to the consumer needs. Use a blog to discuss the current real estate climate in your area as well as future predictions. Discuss the different types of mortgages that are available. Consider topics for your blog that are relevant to the homes that you are trying to sell.

Another content marketing strategy for realtors is to use social media. Post information to the popular social media sites to generate traffic to your website. These leads can be nurtured by offering further information to them based on where they are at in the buying cycle.

Overall, content marketing for realtors is essential for success. Take the time to nurture potential clients that visit your site and you should see an increase in conversions in no time at all. 


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