5 Great Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Home With Technology

 In the past few years, smart technology has become the most accessible as well as affordable. The ‘internet of things’ is a general phrase that is commonly known …

 In the past few years, smart technology has become the most accessible as well as affordable. The ‘internet of things’ is a general phrase that is commonly known and used. Not only can smart upgrades make your home a great deal more convenient and efficient, but they’ll also make it much more attractive when it comes to potential buyers in the future. There was even a survey that was conducted in 2015 that found 64 per cent of the millennials that were interested in having smart home technology in their homes.


Smart home automation can range from cinema systems to security. With a smart security, you won’t need to fumble around for keys in your bag or pocket, nor will you have to resort to hiding your spare in a fake plastic rock or in a shoe. Instead these devices can with our smart phone be automatically detected when you arrive and unlock the door as soon as you are standing outside it. On top of that you can also programme them to allow access to selected guests such as family members, friends, and real estate agents.


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On average the cost of lighting your home amount to about 12 per cent of your home’s annual energy bill per year. Although that may not seem like too much money, every little really does ad up and smart technology can help you make better cost effective decisions. Smart lighting dimmer and sensor systems allow you to easily turn lights on and off via your smart phone and they can also be customized to perform certain actions like slowly growing brighter as you wake up or switching off automatically when you leave your house. Your energy savings will obviously vary with the amount you use; with Luton Lighting system projects they can annual savings of 60 per cent with the installation of a combined dimmer and sensor system.


Although programmable thermostats have been around since the 1950s the problem is that most of the standard clock-type thermostats are confusing to figure out as well as rather difficult. The newer, smarter thermostats are far more high-tech. they can sense whether you are at home or away and will adjust your home’s temperature controls accordingly. This will not only be cost effective but will also really appeal to future occupants.

Smoke Detector

This will not only save you money but could even save your life. Apparently two thirds of all home fire fatalities occurring in homes were where the smoke detectors are has been missing or disabled. Smart smoke detectors will not only monitor smoke but also carbon dioxide and general air quality.

Sprinkler Control

If you happen to live in a climate where you lawn needs to be water then there are smart sprinkle controls. This could save money as well as a lot of hassle. These devices can be programmed by your computer and your smart phone. 


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