5 Things Top Rated Realtors Do

Success in real estate is rarely about luck. So competitive is the field that it’s not uncommon for new realtors to barely make minimum wage. Ultimately, many quit …

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Success in real estate is rarely about luck. So competitive is the field that it’s not uncommon for new realtors to barely make minimum wage. Ultimately, many quit the field within their first year.

Still, the top 1% of agents are making great money, closing deals, and working their way into the luxury listing market.

Granted, a silver bullet does not exist in real estate. What there is, however, is a set of actions and habits that determine success or failure. The following are some things top realtors are known for.

1. They are Knowledgeable

Charisma and good social skills can go a long way in real estate. However, these cannot replace real estate knowledge.

Formal realtor training equips you with the more technical aspects of the trade-things like pricing, market analysis, as well as legal processes such as foreclosures. Ultimately, you will use this knowledge to advise clients accordingly. Here is all you need to know about getting into real estate.

2. They Prioritize Self-Care

Reals estate calls for practitioners to think on their feet at all times. Whether this is during negotiations, finding alternate homes for their clients, or preparing listings, there is hardly a dull moment.

Unfortunately, neglecting self-care can make it impossible to keep up with the demands of the job. Something as simple as getting a good night’s sleep can make all the difference. Sleep is known to aid concentration and improve memory and focus. All these are necessary for keeping you competitive in the field.

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At times, sleeping well becomes challenging due to several factors, including your sleeping environment. If you suspect you lack an environment conducive for sleeping, here are some tips to make your bedroom fit for sleep.

3. They Collaborate

The cut-throat real estate industry causes the scarcity mindset in small thinking realtors. As a result, the focus becomes outdoing the competition rather than delivering the best results for clients.

Tearing each other’s signs down, undercutting co-workers, and putting negative reviews of other realtors online are among the actions that result from this mentality. Unfortunately, you cannot run a great career in this.

Leaders are always willing to work collaboratively, share ideas, and create invaluable long-term business networks.

5. They Leverage Technology

Real estate has not been left behind in the area of technology. As with leaders in most other industries, top realtors embrace technology and explore the ways in which it can support their business.

Some tech tools available today will provide you with important metrics. These are what you will use to gauge progress, test messages, and make adjustments to your strategy when need be.

Whether it’s CRM or social media analytics tools, technology can help you generate new business.

6. They are Big on Relationship-Building

Putting the cart before the horse is one sure way to end your career in real estate-or at best, have a lackluster one. Short-sighted realtors begin by trying to make a sale or transaction, then creating a relationship after that.

Successful ones go about it in a completely different way.

Top realtors know that relationship building is actually their primary business. They then take the actions required to make connections and sustain them over time.

They nurture relationships with prospective clients that might not be ready to make a purchase even in years to come. What this inadvertently does is build them a steady pipeline of referrals.

Go the Distance

All these actions and habits require constant effort on your part. If you are going to go the distance and work your way to success, there are no short cuts. The best way to approach it is by cultivating these habits from the beginning. Ultimately, the payoff will be more than worth it.


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