6 Tips for a Smarter Search Engine Strategy

Optimizing your site for search engine results is a delicate balancing act. It requires you to build a solid strategy for creating timely, interesting, and high ranking content …


Optimizing your site for search engine results is a delicate balancing act. It requires you to build a solid strategy for creating timely, interesting, and high ranking content while also packing it with keywords and rich links to other pages. Crafting a great search engine strategy takes time and a lot of planning, but it can be done for any page regarding any topic. Frankly, SEO practices are essential if you want your digital presence to continue growing and succeeding. Keep reading to learn some tips to optimize your search engine strategies.

1. Utilize keyword research.

Keyword research should be your first port of call. Using a free keyword research tool will get you started pretty quickly in this arena, and it should form the foundation of your digital strategy. Keyword research is simply the evaluation of high traffic phrases in Google and other search engines. Web pages compete for attention among these search results by including a high volume of these often searched for words and phrases and through a variety of other means. Knowing the buzzwords that must frequent your content is essential for completing for those coveted first page results slots.

2. Generate backlinks through multiple channels.

Backlinks are external links existing on other pages and directing to yours. Backlink generation comes in two primary flavors. The first is explicit attempts to create a high number of links through guest blogging and paid posts that highlight your work and website. The other is through the creation of high quality content that screams for attention and makes other blogs and companies use your work as a relevant source of information in their own content. Both strategies should be employed in order to take the shortest path to success.

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3. Enlist professional help for a major boost.

Seeking out professional support for your SEO integration is crucial for a jumpstart in this environment. Approaching a firm like LinkGraph can energize your content without any learning curve on your part and immediately boost your digital visibility. Of course you will have to continue creating great content, but the additional help to get your web page off the ground or to add that extra spark while stalled is a great way to move your progress along.

4. Build a landing page that captures visitor data.

Building a landing page with a mailing list signup form is a great way to continue pushing for greater exposure in the digital landscape. By simply asking for email addresses you can capture contact details and start to put out a weekly email blast that keeps you in focus. The best sites convert about a quarter of their visitors with landing page data capture functions. The more you market, the larger your email list will become, giving you direct access to your readers’ inbox without them needing to actively search for your content.

5. Build a robust social media presence.


Engaging readers over social media is another great way to naturally increase your search engine presence. The more people engaging with your social media profiles, the larger your footprint will become, leading to an expanded home site as a result. The best part is, you can publish snippets of your work here and let followers do the leg work in spreading the content and links to your site without your continued involvement.

6. Utilize crawlers to keep your pages indexed and up to date.


Including a robots.txt file in your directory will keep search engine crawlers sniffing around your new posts. Having your content indexed as quickly as possible means that it is searchable faster. The quicker you make it to market the more ‘freshness’ you can squeeze out of each posting.

Engage with a content firm to give your page a boost and continue using SEO strategies to maintain a great position in the pages of search results.


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