Beginner’s Guide to saving and Investing in ISA

If you have an Investment with which you intend to reinvest the profits and look to attain long term financial goals, then Individual Savings Account (ISA) is one …

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If you have an Investment with which you intend to reinvest the profits and look to attain long term financial goals, then Individual Savings Account (ISA) is one of the go-to options. ISA is a great benefit since there is no income tax and tax on capital gains.

With favorable tax status, the amount of money deposited and accrued earnings are exempted from tax. ISA Account has limitations and you can only deposit a certain amount of money in your account. If you would want to deposit an excessive amount then that would be subjected to taxes.

Most of the ISA Service providers have planned various Investment Options considering the protection and profits each of their customers require. You are free to choose any of the plans and take calculated risks with your investment money. Investors can either create a Savings Account or Investment Account. So, it is up to you to decide which type suits your needs.

There is a great misconception about ISAs that you don’t have access to the invested amount of money and they can only be withdrawn after a certain time period. Service providers are bound to release your payments within one month period time once you put forward the withdrawal request. The disadvantage here is that withdrawn amount will not be subjected to tax exemption in case you would like to reinvest.

Now, you have a basic idea of ISA, let’s go through their different types available.

Cash ISA

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Cash ISA is indeed similar to Traditional Savings Account. The benefit of this is that you don’t have to pay taxes within the income threshold. One thing you need to consider is the inflation rate and interest rate you are going to get on your investment. If the interest rate is less then Cash ISA would not be much useful in terms of Long Term Savings.

Stocks and Shares ISA

The risk involved here is higher in Stocks and Shares ISA. However, you can choose to invest in safer options like Unit Trusts and Corporate Bonds. Learnbonds has effectively provided comparisons of different Stock and Share ISA which you can use to select your provider.

Most importantly any increase in the value of investments is totally free of Capital Gains tax. Most of the income is tax-free and you can easily change a provider whenever you feel like someone is offering a better proposition.

Lifetime ISA

With all the retirement plans on offer, one of the worthy options you should consider is Lifetime ISA. Lifetime ISA account opening option is available to the age between 18 and 40. The account matures when an individual reaches the age of 50. There is no cost and taxes if you withdraw the amount at the age of 60 or in case of serious illness.

The best thing about Lifetime ISA is that you will be provided a 25% bonus each month on the amount you have in your account. So, if you wish to attain long term financial goals, like buying a house, then Lifetime ISA is highly recommended. Although, a 25% amount will be deducted if you would be withdrawing the amount before the time.

Junior ISA

A perfect saving and investment option for your kids under the age of 18. Both the options of Cash ISA and Stocks and Share ISA are available for you to create an account. No taxes will be applicable on interest income or capital gains so Junior ISA provides a tremendous saving and investment option.

Once the child reaches the age of 18, they can have access to their money and account status changes to Adult ISA. Only they can claim the ownership of the ISA account and decide what they need to do with savings.


In the modern era, one should know how to correctly invest his money. Investing money should be a priority rather than saving money for expenses only. The amount being saved is often cut down too little due to various taxes. So, investment in ISA is more beneficial to yield maximum profit. Flexibility in investment options is really an eye-catcher for all the investors and they can control how they would like to spend their money.


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