Four Green Solutions Business Ideas You Haven’t Thought of Yet

No matter where you look, you can’t help but see signs of the move toward a greener future. The majority of individuals surveyed globally have stated that they …

No matter where you look, you can’t help but see signs of the move toward a greener future. The majority of individuals surveyed globally have stated that they prefer to do business with companies that take eco-friendliness and energy efficiency seriously. But not only that, people are increasingly opting for green solutions when faced with solving the common problems that plague our society. With green business ideas abound, few focus on providing the public with green alternatives through use of the most state-of-art technologies in the fields of energy efficiency and waste removal. For entrepreneurs looking for a fast-moving industry to get into, such green solutions services ought to be top on the list of possibilities.

If you’re short on ideas, consider the following:

Green delivery: Everyday more and more Americans are opting to have solar panels and other green materials and technology to their homes. But unfortunately, they have little choice but to use standard shipping services which themselves are far from eco-friendly. One solution to this would be the creation of a state-of-art shipping service that disavows trucks in favor of trains, and uses hybrid vehicles to take products the rest of the way.

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Green funerals: It’s not a business most entrepreneurs want to get into right off the bat, but death happens all the time and managing postmortem affairs for loved ones is an ordinary way of life for millions of morticians around the world. Providing families with eco-friendly alternatives to environmentally-destructive burials and cremations, such as a Bios Urn or alkaline hydrolysis, is a righteous way to earn a secure living.

Green cleaners and landscapers: For every office building, hospital, hotel, and college campus, there’s an army of custodians and landscapers there to ensure things stay nice and tidy. Either through the establishment of such a service or the providing of goods to such services, entrepreneurs can devise ways to enter this industry with green solutions. Improved chemicals and tools can greatly reduce the ecological harm and emissions of these necessary services.

Green consultancy: Advising corporations, industries, and families with ways to conduct themselves in greener fashion is a field that’s set to grow enormously in coming years. From suggesting the right placement of a solar panel array to recommending a change in web hosting for want of a less environmentally destructive data center, auditing energy efficiency and ecological impact is a safe small business idea to settle down into.

The future is a green one, so ride the revolution while it’s still rolling. Start a business that provides green solutions to others, and rest assured that you chose wisely.


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