Four New Portable Tech Items to Help Your Business

Does it ever feel like you’re running your small business out of your briefcase? Well now, you can. With new technology come new business solutions. See the following …

Does it ever feel like you’re running your small business out of your briefcase? Well now, you can. With new technology come new business solutions. See the following article from The Street for more on this.

We on planet small biz meet the first thaws of winter with mixed feelings. What sane person doesn’t love to see snow melt? But warmer weather also means it will be soon time to hit the road for spring business, which means we’ll be we back to mastering the ultimate small-biz balancing act: doing real work while navigating the disgrace that is the American transportation system.

Here are must-have gadgets to keep you sane while on the go.

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EcoSol PowerTrip portable storage and battery backup device (price TBA)
The only thing worse than getting locked out of your car at work is getting locked out of your cell phone at work. And while no remote battery backup gadget is perfect, I like what Canadian-based Ecosol Solar Technologies is doing with its PowerTrip portable solar charger and data storage device. Due later this year, the unit can use wall power, USB power and the sun to bring your dead phone back to life. Plus it holds a couple of gigs of digital file storage. Tell me that is not handiest thing you can think of?

Sleek Audio: SA6-R In Ear Earphones ($250)
Father-and-son audio maestros Mark and Jason Krywko adopt a take-no-prisoners attitude with in-ear earphones. The Palmetto, Fla.-based duo’s SA6-R earbuds not only can be customized to sit in your ear canal properly, but everything from the length of the earphone mount to the fullness of the electronics that sit on your ear can be adapted to fit your particulars. The effect is a more comfortable listening experience that blocks out traveling noise and still sounds great. Even better, the entire unit is built from tough aluminum and uses only the best cables and parts. Though not entirely indestructible, the SA6-Rs are darn close. For keeping your money-making wits about you, the SA6-Rs are the state of the art.

DroneMobile remote car controller ($350 for the system, $10 per month service plan)
Seattle-based Firstech realized that as cool as remote car systems are, unless you are smart enough to keep the device with you, you can’t remotely control your car. So the firm developed a remote vehicle monitoring and control system that works from an iPhone. Love that. The DroneMobile app can start, find and even control certain features in most cars. Be warned: The tool is neither cheap nor simple. You must have it professionally installed, since if the install goes south the car’s warranty can be voided. And Firstech can charge a stiff $120 a year for service. But as we all know, 90% of business is showing up, and DroneMobile is that ultimate insurance policy that keeps you in your car … and in your client’s face.

Timbuk2 Command Messenger bag ($130)
Let’s be honest: It’s not the body search that sends you over edge at airport security, it’s the PC search! How many times does the stupid TSA need see my stupid laptop? Well, no more. The new Command Messenger bag from San Fransisco-based Timbuk2 allows me to keep my PC where it belongs … in my carry-on. Hallelujah! It also has great travel features such as easy-to-use key finders, a waterproof liner and some clever buckles. The only ding? The colors. Oxford Revlon Red? That is simply not a color for sentient beings. But if and are tired of the techno-cavity search while on the go, the Command Messenger bag is for you.

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