The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Working From Home

Raise your hand if you’ve had to transition to remote work due to the Covid-19 pandemic. What a time to be alive! Many of us have switched to …

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Raise your hand if you’ve had to transition to remote work due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

What a time to be alive! Many of us have switched to working out of our homes, and there are a lot of emotions that comes from it. Here is the good, the bad, and the ugly of working from home:

The Good: Comfortable Dressing

Say goodbye to your days of rushing to get dressed in business casual clothing! While you’re working from home, you have the luxury to dress as you please. If you still want to dress yourself as if you’re in an office setting to feel more productive, more power to you. If you’re elated to stay in your pajamas all day…we see you.

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The Bad: Electric Rate Rising

While you’re working from home, it’s likely that you’re going to be utilizing your electric plan much more than you already do. The current rate of your energy plan may be the right plan for you now, but the more you use your electric service, the higher the data rates will soar.

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The Ugly: It’s Not Necessarily Healthy for You

Let’s be honest. There are many pros to working from home: saving time on the commute, saving money on food and expenses, and getting to control your work environment. However, without certain resources, working from home can actually be a bit harmful when you’re forced to make an abrupt transition.

Most people would prefer not to do work in the space that they consider their “happy” place. Rooms such as the bedroom and living room are meant to encourage residents to relax; these are peaceful settings. While working from home, these spots are the designated locations where you’ll likely be doing your work (unless you have a separate room or area for an at-home office or study). Work can be stressful, and having to bring your workload into a space that is meant to be your escape can be disruptive.

It’s also difficult to stay productive while at home. Many people like to pride themselves on their excellent work ethic and self-discipline, but it can be a challenge to complete work without being under management. While being at home, you’re likely to procrastinate your work by wandering off to the kitchen or binge-watching a show that’s playing in the background. That’s normal, and it’s okay to indulge in comfort at home; however, it can prove to not be so efficient.

While many of us face the work-from-home life, we’ll continue to discover habits and schedules that work best for our professional and personal livelihood.


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