What You Should Look For In A Good Office Space For Your Business

Your office space should be more than just a place where your employees are going to work. As the front line of your business, it should speak of …

Office Space

Your office space should be more than just a place where your employees are going to work. As the front line of your business, it should speak of success and professionalism. It’s hard to trust a company that comes with a messy and shabby office space, isn’t it? When you’re in the process of choosing an office space, it’s imperative, therefore, that you keep quality in mind.

Don’t settle for anything less than what you know would appeal not just to your clients, but even to your employees and other individuals in the business industry as well. When investing in an office space is your strategy for growth, make sure that it’s worth every extra company resource spent on maintaining it. 

That said, here’s a list of the factors for you to look for, to ensure that you’ll create a suitable office space for your business:

  1. Good Location

You may have heard that all too many times, but the location will always stand out as one of the most important factors that an office or a business shop will consider. By location, don’t just consider that which speaks to the market you’re trying to target. By this, it means that an office space has an excellent location when the environment around it is mostly comprised of the demographics that you wish to target. For instance, rental offices in Paris are an alternative that’s best if you’re trying to make a mark in the fashion industry. Else, you’re not going to have clients walking through that door as frequently as you would hope.

Additionally, an excellent location also means one that’s accessible to you and your employees. Your employees have to be happy to report to work every day for them to be productive in their job. This happiness begins with an easy commute to and from your office.

  1. Wellness

More and more businesses today are shifting towards having offices that also cater to the wellness needs of their employees. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t, too. A functional office space is, in fact, one that has the needs and overall well-being of the employees at heart. By this, it means that some or all of the following facilities are available:

  • Outside space for employees to take breathers, enjoy lunches together, and to breathe in fresh air
  • Better food options, such as healthy and sustainable alternatives to junk food
  • Gym facilities
  • Clinic

For instance, in the outside space, you may also want to have outdoor furniture. This provides another avenue for employees to hold more relaxed meetings and to collaborate more. You don’t necessarily have to confine yourself to a boardroom all the time.

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  1. Pleasing Interior

The interior of your office space should also be one that sparks productivity and joy in the workplace. By this, it means that your office space has high ceilings and proper ventilation and lighting. Whenever possible, natural light should also have enough access to get through. When your office space is on the contrary, this doesn’t just dampen your mood, but also that of your entire team and perhaps that of clients as well. Walking into a pleasant and light environment can help create an aura of positivity and happiness.

When your employees, and yourself, are comfortable in your workplace, the performance also has a higher chance of improving.

  1. Access To Resources

In today’s business world, connectivity is key. It’s going to be so hard on your entire team to be productive if they don’t have access to resources whenever needed. This doesn’t just mean having a library if it applies to the type of business that you’re in, but, it also refers to the basics: a secure Wi-Fi connection.

Don’t turn a blind eye to the fact that today, more and more businesses are relying on digital means of communication and marketing. It’s going to be so much easier for employees to send correspondence, perform tasks, and whatnot when the connectivity is reliable. Don’t make your employees spend on their Wi-Fi connections through their mobile phones while at their desks.

  1. Ample Space To Move Around

Excellent office space is never one that’s too cramped. Don’t try to squeeze all of your employees in one tiny area, like sardines in a can. They shouldn’t be bumping elbows literally while at their desks. Remember, comfort is vital for productivity. Your whole team also wants to feel like they’ve got enough privacy, even in a shared space. After all, your office is where they spend the majority of their waking hours in a day.

Ample office space will always result in productive and efficient work operations.


A fully operative business that screams success is mostly dependent on a productive space. In turn, a productive space is also a marriage of factors that the business owner first had in mind when scouting for space. These factors start with those enumerated above. In choosing, don’t just consider your desires. You also have to factor in the wishes of your employees, your clients, and even those of the market that’s surrounding you.

Author Bio

Mauro Blueford is a business consultant who works with clients who are still new in the business arena. Mauro is responsible for the planning and implementation of his clients’ business plans. Depending on the need of his clients, Mauro is usually involved in developing a business plan, identifying his clients’ marketing needs, and helping his clients develop the necessary skills for business ownership. 


Aside from personally working with different types of clients, Mauro also shares his expertise in business by writing articles online.


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