Why Small Businesses Should Outsource App Development

There are a lot of reasons small businesses need mobile apps. They need to remain visible and available to customers at all times. It’s important to build loyalty …

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There are a lot of reasons small businesses need mobile apps. They need to remain visible and available to customers at all times. It’s important to build loyalty with customers by doing so.

Apps also provide small businesses with a valuable direct channel of communication to their users, and it builds their brand and reputation.

Of course, mobile apps should also be used as a way to deliver problem-solving and value to customers.

With all the benefits, there are challenges, however. Even with the tools available, it’s challenging to develop an app. There are technical considerations and areas of specialization required to create a strong product.

Technical skills required in app development range from knowing programming languages to agile development know-how.

The best course of action for most small businesses is to outsource app development, rather than trying to do it on their own. Even if a small business happens to have someone onboard that has development skills, it can be an in-depth process that is often best outsourced.

The following are some of the primary advantages of outsourcing app development if you’re a small business.

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Saving Money

The idea of saving money when you outsource app development may seem counterintuitive, but it ends up that this is usually the case. When companies try to develop an app in-house there, tend to be problems with efficiency and productivity at a minimum.

When a small business tries to develop an app in-house, it’s going to be taking away from employee time that could be spent elsewhere.

There’s also likely to be hiccups along the way that can get costly in terms of time and money.

Faster Time To Market

When you’re a small business, being competitive and innovative are so important. If you have a concept for an app that’s going to target your customers and fill a need for them, it can’t take any longer than it has to.

The objective of good app development is to get a strong, valuable protect to market as quickly as possible.

You want it available faster than your competitors, and if you’re trying to do things in-house, or even by piecing together different freelancers at various steps of the project you’re not going to be able to do that.


The complexity of skills required to develop an app was touched on above, but it’s worth mentioning again.

Developing an app, particularly for today’s discerning customer used to the best, requires significant technical skills.

Whether you’re developing for Android or iOS, the coding languages are not only complex but also different for each platform. For example, Android requires Java, while iOS uses Objective C or Swift.

Even if you have someone on your team who’s familiar with one coding language, it’s not likely that they’re going to be able to code for both platforms. Essentially if you want an app for both platforms, it requires completely distinctive skill sets.

For small businesses diving into the world of app development, not working with an agency presents unnecessary risks. The upfront investments may be more when you contract with an agency, but through the course of the project, you’re going to save time and money.


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