A Small Business’s How-to Guide for Shortening the Software Development Cycle

Software’s turnover rate is speedy. When software development runs over its schedule, businesses suffer and feel forced to swallow the hauntingly big pills of increased product launch costs. …

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Software’s turnover rate is speedy. When software development runs over its schedule, businesses suffer and feel forced to swallow the hauntingly big pills of increased product launch costs. The best method of avoiding scheduling problems is by shortening the software development cycle. 

Small businesses can take several steps to effectively shorten the software development cycle to avoid delays and build efficiency. 

Utilize API testing

API testing streamlines the software development cycle by investigating the functionality, performance, and security of new programs, apps, and websites. Using the Application Program Interface, the tests find defects to help software developers process their new work quickly and effectively. 

With effective API testing services, developers can also confirm their software is able to manage front-end applications while still connecting to back-end data. If you’re ready to reduce risk, boost security, and stop GUI defects in their tracks? If so, turn to the experts in API testing. 

Simplify systems

Complicated systems can slow development and overall system speed. Developers working on complex software often uncover challenges while debugging and adding features. Expert developers tend to make their projects simple, while new developers think complexity is more important. 

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To reduce time writing unnecessary code, only include features that users need and want. Otherwise, prepare to face the music and troubleshoot costly delays.  If shortening the software development cycle matters to your organization, work with expert developers who understand the need for simplified projects. 

Use technical debt wisely

To trim the fat in development cycles, some companies choose to rely on shortcuts and write weak code. Before choosing to take on technical debt with minimally effective code, your organization must decide how important meeting deadlines truly is. Does your organization need more time to write quality code, or is it better to release software quickly but with shoddy code? 

You might need to cut corners somewhere, but you still want to create a quality product that people can use. Keep track of where you have any technical debt to ensure you don’t have too much. 

Rely on automated tools

Building quality software quicker involves maintaining a delicate balance between customization and automation. Companies often turn to automated tools, like cloud technologies, to get work done productively. At the same time, these developers need to create a product that stands apart from the rest by using a coder’s one-of-a-kind product. 

If you have to rely on too many teams to get work done, passing projects back and forth can delay your release date. To minimize costly delays, search for automation opportunities that can ensure your project sticks to its current timetable. 

Get it right the first time

To avoid costly delays from reworking code, write it and debug it as you go. If you have to rework code too late, that work will delay your project. Having to go back in to rewrite code weeks or months after writing it adds time to a project rather than shortening it. 

Writing code correctly the first time can similarly speed up the project. Developers need reliable specifications and visuals so that they don’t need to fill in gaps left behind by coders. 


With customers demanding speedy software releases, developers need to maximize their time to shorten the cycle. Recognizing where slowdowns occur and avoiding them can keep projects on schedule, customers happy, and profits rising. 



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