How To Improve Your Productivity Using Technology

As business professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs, you’ve got to stay productive. Without consistent productivity, you run the risks of wasting valuable time and money all at the expense …

As business professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs, you’ve got to stay productive. Without consistent productivity, you run the risks of wasting valuable time and money all at the expense of your success. As the digital age continues to progress, so does the need to streamline business processes to maintain a competitive edge. Aside from having effective working habits, business professionals need to continually look for ways to increase productivity in the workplace. Many businesses have incorporated the use of modern technology to assist them. The right resources and tools can help take your success to new heights.

Time Management Tools

One thing that gets in the way of productivity is time. Most would agree that in the course of a workday, getting everything done requires a significant amount of time. Mismanaging your time essentially puts you behind, slowing down business immensely. Utilizing time management tools or apps can help you to get more use out of your workday. Certain web based time management tools allow your clients to set up appointments. They’re able to see your availability throughout the course of the day and can set a time that works best for you both. These scheduling tools cut out the need for phone tag or sending out several emails to confirm a time that’s good for you. It also allows you to keep ahead of what you have planned for the day so that you don’t overlap appointments or responsibilities.

Project Management Tools

When you’re working with a team (or on your own) having an efficient platform to manage your projects is ideal for improved productivity. Utilizing web based project management tools allows you to collaborate on assignments with team members located virtually anywhere. Various project management tools allow you to create new projects, assign tasks, check progress, and even report changes as necessary. Having a central location for all project information ensures efficiency and timely completion.

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Meeting/Conferencing Tools

Meetings and conference calls are often a key component to any business communications. However, as businesses expand beyond their local reach sometimes getting on one accord can be challenging (i.e. conflicting schedules or distance). Having the use of meeting and conferencing tools provides you with a platform to stay connected no matter where you are. Hold a quick staff meeting to introduce new project ideas or even have a consultation with a perspective client from virtually anywhere. Meeting and conferencing tools provide a face to face concept without either party having to physically Share screens, files, and whatever else you need to just as if you were in the boardroom.

Customer Relation Management Tools

Keeping up with customers is essential to providing quality business. Web based (or even cloud based) customer relation management systems consist of technological programs that allow businesses to efficiently provide great customer service. Businesses are able to record customer information, automate and synchronize marketing and sales efforts, and even provide technical support.

Cloud Storage Accounts

Could storage accounts provide an excellent means for improving productivity. Keeping important business files stored in one location makes access a lot easier. Sending documents to clients, staff, or partners is made easy as they can all be stored and accurately labeled for future use. Forgot to make changes to a necessary file or presentation? No worries, as cloud based storage accounts allow you to access your files, photos, and documents from any location. All you need is your account login information and you’re good to go.

Password Managers

If you’ve ever forgotten a password to a business account before, you know exactly how stressful it can be. Going through the various levels of security can prove to be daunting. Not to mention, if you can’t remember security questions, you’re locked out of your own account. Contacting customer services, going through the identification process, and waiting for your account to be restored can cost you a lot of time (which, we already discussed, you don’t have much of). The best password managers will have features that allow you to store your account login information for safe keeping as well as log into your accounts with the click of a button.

Staying productive is the key to a successful business. Whether you work alone or with a team, utilizing technology to your advantage can help you make the most use of your time each day. Consider researching various tools and apps in the above described resources to determine which are best suited for your business. You’ll find that there are an array of tools to choose from to meet any professional (or personal) need you have. 


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