How To Create Efficient Surveys That Work For You And Your Business

A survey is an excellent tool to promote your brand, do research, and also for learning more about your audience. No business can survive without paying attention to …

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A survey is an excellent tool to promote your brand, do research, and also for learning more about your audience. No business can survive without paying attention to what its clientele really feel and think, and more significantly, what they want.

You can use any readily usable template included with the survey maker, such as:

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  • Political poll:This generates a comprehensive report and tries to predict political future on the basis of peoples’ opinions.
  • Straw poll:This short and crisp one-question format gauges the audience opinion on single issues.
  • Facebook poll: It provided with the feedback for future contents from Facebook users, and compatible with any mobile (tablet, smartphone, laptop) or desktop computing device.
  • NPS:The intelligent Net Promotional Scoring system sorts responses as either promoters, detractors, or passives.
  • Customer satisfaction survey: Measures how satisfied your end-users are.
  • Brand awareness survey: Calculates the degree of popularity of your brand, in order to gain a foothold on competitive space.

Some important considerations while you are creating a survey includes:

  1. Feel free to toy with the templates and customize, add your favorite graphics, and make a note of the following before you begin.
  2. Do not make the surveys unnecessarily long and time-consuming. Make sure the recipients are motivated enough to engage in your surveys and try mailing your questionnaires in the morning. Focus on targeted questions that deliver honest and minute responses.
  3. Always remember the following four commandments.
  4. Treat the participants of your surveys the way you treat your friends, even if you do not know them personally. Make them feel at home with a tone that is engaging and friendly. Typeform’s piping feature allows you to address people by their names throughout the survey.
  5. Close-ended questions (ratings, MCQ, Y/N) constitute the significant part of any survey. Peoples’ attention spans are as short. However, open-ended questions (how do you feel about it?) goes beyond the binary level of yes and no-s, and provide with deep introspectionsthat are worthy to consider.
  6. Make sure that you are including“other” or “none” in your options to reduce dropout rates, or else survey takers will either leave or click randomly. This happens most often when appropriate or enough options are not available.
  7. Use a language that is easy to comprehend. Avoid jargons, technical terms, acronyms and jokes. Do not use judgments and anything that has got a dual meaning. You may also include questions related to sensitive issues, however, do not anticipate that everyone will be comfortable answering them.

Online surveys have come of age and over the decades it has evolved in terms of personalization and usefulness. Typeform is one such platform that can be used to create innovative surveys. The platform offers range of customizations and personalization options that help a business offer surveys as per their preferences. Additionally, it is free to use and comes with several tools that make the process of creating and sharing surveys an easier affair.


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