How To Grow Your Business With Outsourced Sales Operations

When trying to grow their small business, one of the biggest decisions business owners have to make is when to hire new sales staff. As business owners know, …

When trying to grow their small business, one of the biggest decisions business owners have to make is when to hire new sales staff. As business owners know, bringing on new employees is not cheap. To make matters worse, many small business owners aren’t skilled when it comes to sales – so training new sales staff can become an issue. The great news for small business owners, is that there is a potential solution to their problem.

Outsourcing Sales Operations

Outsourcing the sales for their small business might seem like a scary idea for many business owners. After all, the sales team is typically the first point of contact for most business customers, and how can a business owner really know what’s going on if the sales team isn’t under their roof? Without a doubt there are some major concerns that business owners should consider before outsourcing their sales, however, there are also some incredible advantages. Let’s look closer as some of these advantages:

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  • Scaling up is much easier. With outsourced sales, turning up the dial is much easier than if the business relies solely on an internal sales team.
  • Scaling down is much easier. Just as it is easier to ramp up with outsourced sales, cutting back is also much easier. No need to layoff employees, a business owner simply needs to modify the agreement with the outsourced company.
  • Outsourced companies should already have successful sales system’s in place. If a small business owner doesn’t have experience in sales, putting together a sales system can present a major challenge.
  • Managing an outsourced sales staff is much easier, especially when the outsourced company uses a product like Astea’s service dispatch software. Managing a sales team takes a lot of time and energy. Most small business owners don’t have a lot of spare time. With an outsourced sales team, business owners can focus on and manage results rather than the individual sales people.  
  • Business owners can try it out, before making a long term commitment. It can be difficult to hire someone, give them a shot, and then lay them off if things don’ t work out. Beyond the emotional part of laying someone off, there are legal issues to consider, along with loss of major investment capital (training, signing bonuses, benefits, etc.).

Outsourced sales offers many advantages to small business owners, however, it certainly isn’t for everyone. Before deciding to outsource sales operations, small business owners should make sure to interview several companies and start off with a short term contract to ensure that the solution works for their business before committing long term.


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