How To Increase Your Business’s Perception on a Budget

We’ve all seen Mad Men, and many of us long for that lifestyle. The flash cars, the sharp suits and the business success. When it comes to both …

We’ve all seen Mad Men, and many of us long for that lifestyle. The flash cars, the sharp suits and the business success. When it comes to both personal success and business success, appearance is undoubtedly important. But, what if your budget doesn’t quite stretch to the Mad Men lifestyle? Many of us are in the same boat, but there are subtle little hacks that you can use to get the businessman look on a budget.


If you’re searching for the Mad Men lifestyle, as well as boosting your perception as a businessman, then a suit is night on essential… regardless of budget.

Although obviously designer suits are what you’re after, this probably isn’t possible on a tight budget so, instead, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Many high street stores stock more than reputable makes at high quality, so they could be the budget alternative to boosting your image.

Suits will make you look sharp, suave and professional, boosting your image in a way that really highlights your professionalism. They could help you seal those all-important deals. After all, few companies will negotiate with a scruff in jeans if they’re offered a businessman in a suit as an alternative. Just don’t splash too much cash and make sure it’s in your budget. Many expensive suits are not cut correctly, some cheaper ones are. Less can be more.

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If you’re wanting to make a great impression at your business meetings, then you’ll also need a car that makes a great first impression.

Traditionally, businessmen seem to drive Audis, BMWs or Mercedes, but this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case, especially if you’re working on a tight budget.

Having said that, due to the rapid growth of the used car market over the course of the past decade, you can get great deals on used BMWs online, making them affordable depending on your budget. They’ll certainly make an impression at least depending on which one you get. Aim for a 3 or 5 series to look the part.  


If you’re looking for subtle changes to your perception as a businessman, then look no further than changing your persona. Small and subtle changes to your body language can leave you looking far more appealing in the eyes of your clients and prospective clients.

Body language should always appear honest and open, and you should always look to maintain eye contact. Perceived negative body language, including looking away and sitting with arms folded, makes people less likely to deal with you.

If you appear calm, relaxed and in control through positive body language, you’ll increase your perception, looking more like someone who should be in the cast of mad Men. Good luck.


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