How to Make Money with Mobile Home Investing

There are many different ways to make money with mobile home investing. The strategy an investor chooses will depend on his or her end goals. When it gets …

There are many different ways to make money with mobile home investing. The strategy an investor chooses will depend on his or her end goals. When it gets down to it, there are two main investment strategies: building up a cash reserve for the short term or buying and holding for long-term wealth. Here are a few ways to make money with mobile home investing:

Buy, sell and finance by becoming the lender. 

This is an attractive method that allows investors to have the best of both worlds — collect monthly payments and work with responsible homeowners. By becoming the lender, an investor will avoid the headaches of being a landlord while receiving a steady stream of cash flow. Homeowners have an interest in taking care of their homes since they are more concerned with ownership versus renters who are not. 

By becoming the lender, investors know how much is coming in every month without having to worry about making repairs to the home. By working with homeowners, it will be a long-term situation in regards to receiving payments versus a shorter one when working with tenants. Therefore, there will be less turnover. On the downside, the time allowed is limited. After the homeowners have paid off the home, the investor will stop collecting payments. 

Buy and hold by becoming the landlord. 

Traditionally the main path to wealth, renting allows investors to maintain ownership of their properties while at the same time receiving payments for long-term cash flow. While there may be constant move ins and move outs with renters, being a landlord gives investors peace of mind they own a property for the long term. 

While renting may be an attractive option, it does come with its drawbacks. As a landlord, the investor must maintain the property to certain standards. If something must be fixed, it will need to be taken care of by the property owner. Though, there have been some cases where renters have stayed for the long term fixing up any issues and reducing out-of-pocket expenses for the investor. 

Buy and sell retail for cash. 

Considered the most attractive method to sell a mobile home, buying and selling retail for cash can yield large returns. If there is increased demand and an abundance of cash buyers who are willing to pay market value for mobile homes, this path can be lucrative. 

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Unfortunately, this is not always the case. It can be risky to hold out and wait for a cash buyer. Deals may fall through, buyers may not perform. Selling mobile homes retail for cash can be a rare instance heavily dependent on market supply and demand. 

Buy and sell to other investors by wholesaling. 

Perhaps a safer route to make money with mobile home investing is to buy and sell to other investors. By purchasing homes at low prices, investors can then turn around and re-sell for a slightly higher one (yet still under retail value) for profit to another investor. Why would an investor buy from another investor? Those who choose this route simply do not have the time to look for good deals. In turn, these investors rely on other investors to do the work for them. The initial investor who found the deal makes money on the difference between what they paid for the home and the amount they are selling. 

The upside to this strategy is there are usually a pool of investors who want to buy good deals. In mobile home investing, investors can range from people who buy in mobile home parks, own their own land, homeowners looking for a good deal for themselves and mobile home park owners. 

On the downside, working with investors can be both a rewarding and frustrating experience. Like cash buyers, some investors may not be able to perform and close the deal. The key is to  find those who can and are serious about buying good deals. If done properly, having a steady list of buyers can provide a stream of income in the future for wholesalers. 

Become a private money lender. 

An overlooked option, lending money to other investors can be very rewarding. As a private money lender, an investor will act as a bank to another investor collecting monthly payments in return. In most cases, this can be a win-win situation. By working investor to investor, it levels the playing field creating a business-to-business relationship. Should the investor borrower default, the lender can take back the home. 

The downside to this route is the possibility of default. Situations and circumstances change. The key is finding an investor who can perform despite the market. 

Find deals for other investors. 

Looking for deals for other investors is a good way for beginners to start. Having little or no money into a deal, the only investment is time. This is a good route for those starting out to learn the market without taking too much risk. Over time, the investor will get a sense of the market and may move on to other strategies.

By finding deals for others, the investor has the ability to learn from those more experienced. The investor can act as a contractor by being paid for work performed and/or partnering up on deals. For those just starting out, this path can be a very good way to start making money with mobile homes. 


Mobile home investing offers many different ways to make money. Some have focused in one area while others have diversified into others. The path one chooses will depend on one’s goals and investment strategy. 


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