How to Start a Bookie Website: A Comprehensive Guide

Your job is to help the players monetize their passion for sports. The fun aspect is that you will be offering these players the opportunity to bet on …

Sports Betting

Your job is to help the players monetize their passion for sports. The fun aspect is that you will be offering these players the opportunity to bet on the team they think will win a match or tournament.

There are two important criteria for succeeding in the bookie business. The first is to establish a bookie website or platform that makes it easy for players to wager on the available games. The second is to treat it like a business so you can make profits too.

You will learn in this article the exact things you need to start doing to increase your chances of succeeding as an online bookmaker.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Starting Your Online Betting Business

The online gambling market has been tipped to make massive returns in the coming years. This is an opportunity for you to get into the market via floating a bookie website where players can bet on different games.

These steps will put you on the path to starting a successful online bookie business:

1.    Outline Your Goals

Your goals or the reasons you had in mind for starting the online bookie should come first. Try to fit the goals into what the players want. This is because at the end of the day, what the players want is what drives the adoption of your online bookie website.

2.    Understand How Sports Betting Works

Your online bookie business needs to be established on knowledge and not just for the money. Do you have any idea of what it takes to bet on sports? Do you understand the different types of sports betting?

These are some of the things you need to understand:

  • Learn about the different types of games.
  • Understand how the wagers work.
  • Gain knowledge of the different types of betting.
  • Learn about the different types of odds and how they can impact winnings.


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Understanding those concepts does not only help you to be sure of what to offer with your online bookie website. The knowledge also comes in handy when you want to offer professional advice to your bookie’s users.

3.    Gain Online Bookie Business Mastery

The next thing you want to do is to gain a mastery of how to run a bookie business. Consider discussing with some professionals in the niche.

If possible, enroll in courses and get mentorship so you will be business-savvy as far as running an online bookie is concerned.

4.    You cannot do it Alone

Although you have a brilliant idea of how to run an online bookie website, that is not all. You may also need to bring in other partners.

These partners have different roles to play towards the success of your online bookie.

Some of the partners or third-party solution providers you can bring in to be a part of your bookie business are:

  • Third-party payment processors.
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) providers.
  • Statisticians and analytics experts.

5.    Make Sure You Have Sufficient Capital

A majority of the expenses you will make at the onset will come from your bank account or any other source of income you have.

Therefore, define your budget and be sure it can facilitate the commencement of the business to a considerable extent.

It is also wise to set up a segregated or separate bank account. This is where you will keep a portion of your funds. From this account, you will pay the winners of the games.

6.    Pick the Best Bookie Software Provider

Choosing a software provider is one of the important factors to consider when learning how to start a bookie business. This is because the bookie software provider is the one to supply your platform with the games that would be played and wagered on by your players.

These tips will guide you to pick the best software provider for your new online bookie platform:

  • Work with a bookie software provider that has been in the business for many years.
  • Check the reviews of the other bookmakers to be sure they are pleased with the services offered by the software provider.
  • Find out if the software provider is ready to give professional advice that will help your bookie grow.
  • Is the cost of working with or hiring the software provider affordable?

7.    Start Hiring

Hire the most important members of your bookie team. The set of persons to hire at the onset are:

  • A website developer to set up the bookie website.
  • A mathematician for fine-tuning the games for transparency.
  • Hire a customer care representative to attend to the players’ needs.
  • You also need to hire a legal team to tighten the legal ends of your bookie, including applying for licenses of operation.

8.    Launch and Make Money

With the license obtained and your bookie website up, launch it and start promoting it across different websites and social media platforms.

It will take some time to get players to patronize you. Keep offering value and continue introducing new services to keep the players entertained.

Over time, you will start generating consistent income from your bookie website.

Final Words

Launching an online bookie platform takes strategy, an understanding of the market, and offering unique services to the players.

We are confident that the tips we just shared will help you start your online bookie website.


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