How To Use Summer Weather To Help With Energy Efficiency

I don’t know about you, but I am glad that summer has finally arrived. Not only has it arrived, this year it has arrived in style with heat …

I don’t know about you, but I am glad that summer has finally arrived. Not only has it arrived, this year it has arrived in style with heat waves across the UK. For many members of the younger generation, this is the hottest summer that they will have ever seen. Not only is it warm and dry (something that is uncommon in the UK), but also it is incredibly hot all over the country. For example, I got sunburnt on Newcastle’s Tynemouth beach over the weekend- now there’s a story to tell the grandkids, I’m certain that it will never happen again.

Although the weather mainly makes us think about barbeques and gardening, we must also consider the money saving possibilities it can provide for our homes and businesses. Although it is often an overlooked aspect of the summer, the heat and sunshine provide us with the opportunity to be much more energy efficient, and save money on our heating bills.

This efficiency applies to both your home and your business, so make sure that you consider the options for both. This summer could provide you with the ideal opportunity to install energy efficient solar panels.

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Due to constantly rising gas and electric prices, the demand for alternate energy solutions is increasing rapidly. In the past, people have been very quick to dismiss alternate energy as a practical solution for their home and business. But, as I have said, times are changing, and here’s why:

  • Solar energy is now being viewed with a greater level of universality due to the fact that it is a long lasting source of energy that can be used almost anywhere and at any time. This is a great idea if your business is in a remote location and has no access to the national grid e.g. water pumping or oil rigs. In addition, if you are based on a site that has no main electricity supply, solar cells or panels can provide a cost effective solution.
  • Another lure of solar panels is the fact that they are totally silent and non-polluting. At a time when we are pumping more dangerous chemicals into our rivers, streams and atmosphere than ever before, this is a huge advantage. Especially for those of us who are ‘green conscious’ and want our home and/or business to appear so as well.
  • The lifespan of solar panels is a nice benefit as well. Due to the fact that they have no moving parts, they require very little day to day maintenance and have an incredibly long lifespan.
  • Solar panels are most commonly installed on the roof of your building, making them ideal for homes and businesses that do not have much external space. Here, you can gain additional power without limiting your loading and unloading space, and can leave your driveway clear for vehicles.

All of these points make solar power an ideal alternate energy source for your home or business. In this sunlight, you will be able to gain most if not all of your power from solar energy (depending on the scale of your home or business). Alternate energy is always in the news, so make sure that you keep up with the latest developments to see whether you feel that an alternate energy source is  right for your home or business.


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