How to Keep Up to Date with the Latest Industry Trends: 6 Tips

With technology making fast progress, it is hard to keep up with the industry trends. Every now and then, new technology is introduced, the government department that regulates …

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With technology making fast progress, it is hard to keep up with the industry trends. Every now and then, new technology is introduced, the government department that regulates your industry adds new regulations, or there is suddenly a situation that requires new attention. If you are not up to date, you will be behind your competitors and be eliminated from the field in your industry. The following are 6 tips on how to become up to date with the industry trends.

  1. Take a Certification Program

Taking a certification is a cost-effective way of becoming updated with the latest trends in the industry. The tuition fee will cost a lot more if you were to continue your studies at a graduate school. Besides, you also have to count on the living expenses if you decide to stay at the university accommodation. The high cost of a graduate degree means that it will take a longer time to earn back what you have spent.

Not many working people can set aside time to complete a degree program which takes at least 1 year. Certificate training programs from institutions like Atton professional training center in Dubai require has lesser time and financing requirements. By completing the certificate, you will have obtained the skills you need to move on in your career or meet a licensing requirement.

  1. Follow and Read Blogs

Nowadays, you can find almost every type of information online. So, if you want to follow up on the latest trends, a free-way is to use the search engine to find related blogs. If you find a blog that discusses the latest trends in your industry, you can subscribe to the RSS feeds so that you can easily come back to read the updated posts. You can identify a trending topic in a blog post by checking to see if other blogs are also talking on the same topic. Many blogs now use tables, graphs, charts and other visual elements to explain to make it easier for readers to understand.

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  1. Watch Videos and Listen to Podcasts

You can easily find videos on the latest trends in your industry by watching videos and watch them. There are lots of channels that specialize in your field and they often host interviews with leading experts. Watching videos can help you to develop good listening skills, as you try to keep up with the speaker and understand what he is talking. If you find it hard to follow up on what the speaker says, you can enable the subtitle in the video.

At the same time, it can also improve your vocabulary skill when you find the meaning of any hard words you come across in the speaker’s speech. Besides watching videos, you can also download podcasts related to your industry and listen to them. Podcasts require lesser attention since there is no video to watch. You can play the podcast on an MP3 player while you are waiting for a bus, walking on the street or play it on your CD player in the car.

  1. Scour the Social Media

The social media is where you can find the latest news that is trending because a lot of experts like to hang around there. You can always find experts discussing it on Twitter when there is a new announcement. You can use hash-tags to gather a stream of tweets from influencers in the respective field. In Instagram, you can find out what is trending under the Explorer tab. You can search for different hash tags in the Explorer tab to find the latest trending news in a specific field. You can join LinkedIn groups to meet with other enthusiasts in the same field and ask questions. 

  1. Attend Conferences and Events

You can also attend conferences and events to stay up to date. Every year, a lot of events in different industries are being hosted. You can easily find out the date and venues of these events by performing a search online. Many of these conferences are conducted by industry experts. At the conference, you will also get to meet with a lot of experts in the same field. Talking with these experts can improve your knowledge. You can ask them a question and they may suggest the right solutions for your problems. 

  1. Subscribe to Newsletters

You can use your work email address to subscribe to the newsletters at news sites in your industry. You can read the newsletters on your phone or tablet when you are not doing anything, for example, waiting for a bus. The newsletter presents the information in an easy to understand format not like the newspaper which can be intimidating to read as each piece of news is a long article. Signing up newsletter can give you access to restricted content that is not published elsewhere.


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