How To Retire In Style: What Retirement Villages Can Do For You

Once you are approaching retirement age, or if you are already in retirement, the next big question is where you want to live this next chapter in your …

Retirement Planning

Once you are approaching retirement age, or if you are already in retirement, the next big question is where you want to live this next chapter in your life. For some people, staying in their long-standing home is not an option anymore. They want to maximize their time and use it for various activities they were not able to do, for traveling, for working on new projects, and sometimes for dating.

Of course, retirement should also be about getting the level of comfort that people need and deserve. And one of the best places to get a mix of comfort and a good revamp in lifestyle is a retirement village. There used to be a time when retirement homes were synonymous with nursing facilities and have these image-old-people in wheelchairs just whiling away the time. But retirement villages have redefined what retirement living means.

The retirement village landscape

You can actually move into a retirement village early and then reach your prime years there. There are facilities and amenities available to you at each stage of your life. For instance, retirement villages in VIC provide residents with facilities that can help keep them fit and healthy. There are also social activities and clubs that will help you and your spouse bond with the other residents. Cafes and hair salons are also offered in the village.

And for people who are fond of morning walks, the retirement village gardens and outdoor areas are well-maintained to make leisurely walks scenic. Retirement villages also have sustainability features like the use of renewable energy (such as solar panels) and proper waste management.

Advantages of living in a retirement village

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Obviously, a facility that offers this kind of landscape must come with advantages that will ensure you are going to live comfortably.

Much more cost-effective than a larger home

Moving into a retirement flat in a village means you get to cut your expenses by more than half. You do not need to worry about paying for utilities for a three- or four-bedroom house, no need to think about maintaining the upkeep of the house. You can look at it as downsizing, or, you can see this as an opportunity for you to earn an income or retain an asset you can pass on to your family members.

Your old house will still be yours, and there are countless options for what you can do with it. You can take advantage of the housing market and sell it or rent it out. You can also convert it into a Bed and Breakfast and earn a steady income. Or you can give it to one of your kids already and leave them to decide what to do with the house.

No more chores

Retirement villages have a maintenance crew who will help you with the upkeep of your home. They can clean up for you, do your laundry, fix your garden, and so on. This leaves you a lot of time exploring your interests or starting a new hobby.

Onsite medical care

Apart from a maintenance staff, you can also get 24/7 medical assistance in a retirement village. You can have your medication delivered to you from the chemist, a visiting doctor to check up on you, and sometimes even a therapist to help you exercise your limbs.

Retirement should be a time for you to enjoy your free time and be able to do the activities you were not able to focus on years before. This is a time when you are given a new level of purpose and vitality, and you can truly maximize that in a retirement village.


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