How do you Scale a Small Business?

Lets face it. The reason many of you went out on a limb and decided to start your own business was the prospect of having more money and …

Small Business

Lets face it.

The reason many of you went out on a limb and decided to start your own business was the prospect of having more money and more free time. But after putting in a heap of work, you have probably realized that it isn’t quite that simple.


Instead, it’s the opposite.Lots of work and (at this stage) not enough money — am I right?

However, that doesn’t mean that your dream is impossible.

In fact, by using the right strategies, you can scale your business and exponentially increase your income, while actually reducing the amount of time you need to work.

You just have to approach it the right way.

1.   Move online

Now this should be a given, but I am still going to mention it briefly on the off chance that you haven’t already done it. If you sell a product, a service, or anything in between, then you should be online.

This is how you expand your market nationally and internationally, and increase your earnings.

2.   Choose the right platform


OK, so now thats out of the way, it’s time to choose an e-commerce platform.

An e-commerce platform is a type of website that lets people buy your products or services.

Having a good platform ensures that customers never have to leave your site. They streamline your payments, advertising, and customer reviews. They also tell you when a new order has come in, so you are always at the top of your game.

I should note that when it comes to picking a platform, some are much better than others — so choose wisely.

Your first point of call should be looking into some of the larger options like Shopify Plus, Big Commerce, or Magento enterprise.

Do a bit of research and pick the one that suits you best.

3.   Double down on SEO

You have probably heard people in the online space talking about ‘SEO’ — and there is a very good reason for this.

Because it is important.

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In fact, it is essential.

SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization’ and it essentially determines how visible your website is to search engines like google. The better your SEO, the more likely you are going to come up on the first page of google’s search results.

If your website isn’t search engine optimized, you might as well not exist.

4.   Create great content

Something that many people forget is the power of content.

No matter what type of business you run (or in what industry), you need to write relevant content for your website.  This can be in the form of blogs, opinion pieces, or even long research articles.

The specifics don’t matter — what matters is that you do it.

Firstly, having more content on your website improves your SEO. This makes you more likely to attract new customers. Secondly, providing free, high-quality content demonstrates your expertise in the area, and highlights that you are a trustworthy source of information.

This is how you build a good reputation and become an authority in your area — which is key if you want to start attracting customers, rather than chasing them.

5.   Get your social sorted

When it comes to modern business, social media is a non-negotiable.

This means getting on facebook, instagram, and linkedin, and creating a core group of customers that believe in what you offer.

In essence, you want to create a community.

This means using social media to build a following of people who are invested and interact with your content. Once there, you can use these platforms to share content, host competitions, and most importantly, personally engage with your customers.

6.   Connect with Inlfuencers

While we are on the topic of social media, let’s talk about influencers.

These guys (and gals) have built massive audiences and extremely profitable businesses by simply producing good quality content and engaging with their audiences.

And, if you play your cards right, you can capitalize on their success.

One great way to scale your business is to get influencers on board to support your products or services. Simply find someone that resonates with you and give them the chance to try what you offer — if they like it, ask them to give it a plug.

This is a simple way to get in front of thousands of potential customers instantly.

7.   Submit guest articles to websites

Making content for your own site is integral — but making content for other websites is also a great option.

Many authority sites (such as Medium) allow you to submit articles on particular topics. Assuming these articles are of a good enough quality, they get published, and you get some seriously good exposure.

I should note that this type of content should not be advertising focused.

Instead, it should provide value. Use the opportunity to provide useful information on your niche topic. Invite discussion and conversation that will draw people to your website for more information.

Again, make yourself an authority.

8.   Use Email to Your Advantage

While social media is important, you don’t want to forget about email.

Email marketing is a great way for you to build relationships with your customers. More importantly, you can use it to send targeted messages. It also gives you a chance to contact people when you have new products, sales, or competitions.

The key to getting started with email marketing is collecting people’s emails.

While there are plenty of chances to do this (during checkout, or even via a pop-up while they are browsing), I think the best way is to offer something of value for free in exchange for their email address.

Think an ebook or an educational video series — something that offers heaps of value and people can’t say “no” too.

9.   Create an affiliate program

Affiliate marketing is where someone earns a commission by promoting another person’s product.

In essence, they find a product or service that they like, and then promote it. Then, when people buy them, they earn a portion of the profit.

With this in mind, you can get affiliates to promote your products and services for you, and take a cut of every sale.

While paying people to sell your product might seem counterintuitive, it is actually a great idea. See, all of the sales you make via affiliates are ones you wouldn’t have normally made, as they do not come from your normal audience.

This not only increases income, but it also exposes a broader market to your content — which is important for building a big customer base.

To finish up

When it comes to making more money through your business, it all comes down to scale. You want to build a business that creates profit 24/7 while you invest as little time as you possibly can.

And using the nine great tips in this article you can scale your business and take it to the next level — so why not get started?


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