How To Leverage Personal Loans To Jump Start Your Investments

Believe it or not, you can profit from the use of a personal loan. From funding your start-up to flipping a house, you can polish your diamond in …

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Believe it or not, you can profit from the use of a personal loan. From funding your start-up to flipping a house, you can polish your diamond in the rough by supplementing it with a personal loan.

1. House Flipping

House flipping might sound like a bit of a hassle, but if you find the right deal, it could turn into an easy way to double your profits. Since you have the funds from your personal loan, you can really revitalize a diamond in the rough.

Look for sheriff sales or foreclosed homes in nicer areas. Shoot for an area with amazing property value and even better school districts, and you’re sure to find a deal that will turn in your favor. Even the nicest towns have foreclosed homes, so keep an eye out.

Once you snag your cheap house, it’s time to put the rest of that personal loan to use with renovations. Fix everything that needs fixed from your home inspection, and then move onto the renovations that build value. Bathrooms, kitchens, windows, and a fresh coat of paintarea a great place to start, and are sure to skyrocket the value of your home. Once it’s all put back together, it’s time to put it back on the market.

This works best with homes you find for $60,000 and under in areas where the homes easily sell for double to triple that amount. This way, you can price competitively with the surrounding market, while making a killing compared to what you have in it.

2. Business Investment

You know your business will have no problem getting off the ground once you have a bit of money behind it, but the rules mean you can’t apply for a business loan for two years. With that being said, you can always invest in yourself.

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You can use a personal loan to supply your business with the necessary supplies and tools it needs to do work and make money. Investing in yourself means you only have to pay back the bank for your own loan, so it’s really only a good idea when you know you can pay the money back.

3. Cars for Credit

You can use car purchases to raise your creditby still using a personal loan. Although you might get a better deal up front for offering to buy the car outright in cash, you can use a personal loan to raise your credit score.

To do this, simply have the money set aside to purchase the car outright, then go to the bank and take out a personal loan for the amount of the car. You can then use the money you have set aside to pay the loan back in large sums. As you start to pay off the car with payments that are at least 30% over the monthly asking price, you will start to see your credit score go up. Paying it all off at once is nice, but breaking it up over a few months will help you build your credit quickly.

4. Renovation

Maybe you have a profitable business, but not quite profitable enough to pay for a full renovation out of pocket. Since you are always being paid, and your success rides on the business, you could always take out a personal loan to pay for the renovations yourself.

Since you are giving to your business, you can list your donations on your tax returns too.

Although this use for a personal loan isn’t exactly going to help you profit right away, it could be the renovation that turns your solid business into a booming city staplepoint.

5. Expansion

Just like renovation, you can always take out a personal loan to fund the expansion of a business. This is especially easy to do when you have a first location that is profitable, and you have a whole business plan that shows exactly how you are going to expand.


You can profit from the use of a personal loan. As long as you put your money in the right places, it’s sure to come back to you. What it really comes down to is the making a plan with a realistic timeline.


Remember, this isn’t a get rich quick scheme, it’s a way to take out personal loans and build your financial portfolio.


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