What Investments Should You Be Prepared To Make In Your Elderly Loved One’s Home?

There is a fine line when caring for the elderly relatives in your life. You can show how much you care by intervening with their basic needs. But …

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There is a fine line when caring for the elderly relatives in your life. You can show how much you care by intervening with their basic needs. But you can also take away their privacy and dignity. This happens when you ask them to live in a nursing home when they are still independent or install cameras in their homes so you can check that they are safe.

The problem is, the instinct to do these things comes from a place of love and concern. Since most of us cannot afford a full-time nurse, and many elderly people do not want someone in their space at all times, the need for alternative solutions is significant.

Fortunately, there are some excellent technological devices that can save your loved one’s life without infringing on their basic dignity or independence. In the event your elderly loved ones what to stay in their home, you should be prepared to install these lifesavers to give you both peace of mind.

Walk-In Bathtub

Falls when getting in and out of a bathtub are fairly common and can be fatal, especially since bathrooms get slippery and floors are generally tiled. While it is easier to get into a shower, your loved one may not be able to (or want to) stand while they wash. This in itself can be dangerous.

These days, you can get a walk-in bathtub for your loved one. This is a bathtub with an entrance door and low step-in. It is easy and comfortable to then sit down in it and luxuriate in warm water.

Click through to read reviews of one of the best companies that provides walk-in tubs. They’ll see to it that all the safety features are properly fitted and explained to your loved one.

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Fall Detectors

Unfortunately, no matter how many measures you take to prevent them, falls do happen. A fall that immobilizes your loved one could prove fatal if they are unable to get the help they need. This is why some people install cameras.

But there is a way to keep your loved one safe without taking away their privacy. Fall detectors are sensors that track movement and are able to detect the kinds of movement that indicate a fall. They then alert you to the fall so that you can check in and take care of your loved one.

Stovetop Sensors

One of the necessary factors in an independent life is being able to feed yourself. Your loved one may insist on cooking food from scratch, and this can be important in order to keep their nutrition in check. However, it can also lead to accidents, especially if they forget to turn off the stove.

Installing stovetop sensors will give you the peace of mind that they are not going to accidentally burn down the house through a simple mistake that even younger people can make. A stovetop sensor will alert them and you to the fact that they haven’t turned off the stove long before it is too late.

Medication Dispensers

Anyone who takes chronic medication is at risk of severe consequences if they miss a day. This is all the more true of the elderly, who often take a number of pills multiple times a day to stay balanced and healthy. Unfortunately, the elderly are also more prone to forgetting, especially if they have memory issues (which the pills may be there to help with).

How does a medication dispenser installed in your loved one’s home help? Modern medication dispensers are more than just convenient pill boxes. Rather, they alert your loved one when it is time to take a pill.

If they detect that the medication has not been removed from the dispenser after a certain amount of time, they recognize that the person has missed their alert. They then try to notify them again, while alerting you to the fact that your loved one needs to be reminded to take their medication.

This way, they are safe from the risks of withdrawals or not getting the supplements they need.

Keeping your elderly loved one safe does not require an invasion of privacy. With modern home installation devices, you can ensure that they are cared for and that you will know if anything goes wrong.


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