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openquote Before sitting down at your laptop to compose your award-winning ad, read over these 7 guidelines that will attract the renters you want. closequote

Write a Killer Rental Ad That Attracts Your Ideal Tenant: The Ultimate 7-Step Guide 

You already know the websites you need to advertise on, the photos you need to have and what you want in a tenant. That’s all fine and good, but none of that helps if you post a poorly-written ad that drives away the exact kinds of people you want to rent to.  It is a landlord’s market, so you probably won’t have trouble finding a tenant but you don’t just want any tenant. You want a responsible, intelligent, discerning one. And the only way to get that is to write a high caliber rental ad that meets that ideal tenant’s requirements.  The fact is that good tenants want good landlords and...   read more